The Golden Triangle, India – Client Blog

On arrival in New Delhi, bearing in mind that I was there in January, it can get into the low-mid seventies during the day, but the temperature does drop quite a bit at night – so it is well worth packing some warmer clothes for the journey. The mosques and Sikh temples are well worth a visit and the main attraction is certainly the Taj Mahal.

The best time to visit the Taj is early morning at around 9am, as it gets very busy from 11am onwards – it can get very polluted in New Delhi with a heat haze and smog, making the morning the best time to get the best view of the Taj with the blue sky behind it! The Agra Fort is another sight to see and the Jantar Mantar which is the World’s largest marble observatory.

About a 2 to 3 hour train journey away is the national park of Ranthambore, where the tiger can be seen (I didn’t spot one myself, but I did see plenty of other wildlife). On the safari it can be cold in the morning and night…..and when it rains….it rains!

Jaipur (the pink city) was my favourite place to visit, with the Jaigarth Fort, Amber Fort & Hawa Mahal (the Palace of the Winds). Jaipur is the pick of the cities and is nowhere near as polluted.

The people of India are very friendly & polite, and the country is very popular with tourists. Flying with Virgin from London Heathrow to New Delhi was a good experience, and I would certainly use them again. A few pointers for India: only drink bottled water, only eat fruit that can be peeled, don’t have ice cubes in your drinks, and make sure you only eat food that is hot and properly cooked!

India is certainly worth the trip. They are very keen on security so there are a few searches at the airport and when entering the hotels, make sure to keep your e-tickets handy. Applying for an Indian visa online can be slightly difficult, so it is worth paying a little bit extra for a company called CIBT to do it all for you!

My parting memory of India is that is completely different to the UK, there is a lot to see there, and the older buildings and monuments are all in great condition.

Mr P – Chesterfield